Versioning History

This page provides a record of edits and changes made to this book since its initial publication. If the change is minor, the version number increases by 0.1. If the edits involve substantial updates, the version number increases to the next full number. Due to the guide’s continuous updating, the addition or removal of a resource is not recorded on this page.

Version Date Change Affected Web Page
1.0 11 Nov 2021 Original publication date under the title Better Practices in the Sexuality Classroom: Teaching Resources and Guides for Sustainable and Equitable Learning. Version prior to Pressbooks. N/A
2.0 2 May 2024 Guidebook, published under a new title, Better Practices in the Classroom: A Teaching Guidebook for Sustainable, Inclusive, and Equitable Learning from a Gender and Sexuality Studies Framework with revised content throughout.
- Addition of Zotero for further reading and resources.
- New H5P self-assessment quizzes for the start of each chapter.
New Sections: Learning about violence enacted on Indigenous peoples; Expanded territorial acknowledgements content; Name pronunciation; Discomfort vs harm in the classroom; Building safer spaces; Expanded trigger warning content; Person-centered vs identity-based language and disability terminology; Scaffolding in classroom pedagogy.
2.1 21 June 2024 Copyediting and graphic design formatting. ALL



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