Appendix: Text Descriptions of Figures

Figure 2.2 Types of Segmentation

By Behavior

  • benefits sought from the product
  • how often the product is used (usage rate)
  • usage situation (daily use, holiday use, etc.)
  • buyer’s status and loyalty to product (non-user, potential user, first-time user, regular user)

By Demographics

  • age/generation
  • income
  • gender
  • family life cycle
  • ethnicity
  • family size
  • occupation
  • education
  • nationality
  • religion
  • social class

By Geography

  • region (continent, country, state, neighborhood)
  • size of city or town
  • population density
  • climate

By Psychographics

  • activities
  • interests
  • opinions
  • values
  • attitudes
  • lifestyles

Figure 2.3 RV Betty

Betty lives in the suburb of a large Canadian city. She and her husband have both recently retired. One of their life dreams is to travel across North America during their retirement. While she doesn’t consider herself wealthy, she and her husband have saved enough during their lifetime to make their dream a reality and enjoy their retirement.

Betty is worried about how to travel in an RV: how to find utility hookups, where to stay when you have an RV, what happens if you blow a tire, how to plan her routes… She wants an RV with certain characteristics. Since she is retiring (and older), it has to be comfortable. She plans to spend most of her time in it! She also has a great network of friends, and she would like her friends to spend time with her in the RV, so she is looking at additional sleeping space and plenty of room. Maybe she’d like to host dinner time! All in all, she’d like an RV that makes her experience easy when traveling.

Figure 4.2 KPIs Example

The objective is product awareness, which leads to the goals: to have users subscribe to updates and to have users engage with product types and features. Each of these goals is associated with two KPIs. For the goal of having users subscribe to updates, the KPIs are having contact forms be submitted and having email subscribe forms be submitted. For the user engagement goal, the KPIs are virtual mirror use and product content popularity.

Figure 4.3 AARRR

Acquisition: How do your customers find you?

Activation: How quickly can you get to your customer’s “Aha moment”?

Retention: How many of your customers are you retaining, and why are you losing the others?

Referral: How can you turn your customers into advocates?

Revenue: How can you increase revenue?

Figure 4.4 RACE Goals

  1. Reach: Create awareness; drive visits; create positive interactions.
  2. Act: Generate leads.
  3. Convert: Convert lead to paying customer; create loyalty.
  4. Engage: Create advocates.

Figure 4.8 Conversion Path – 2nd Example

Path 1

  1. Reach
    • sponsored Instagram ad
    • outbound 1
  2. Act
    • giveaway on Instagram
    • inbound 1
  3. Convert
    • retargeting email campaign
    • outbound 2
  4. Engage
    • create entertaining content
    • inbound 2

Path 2

  1. Reach
    • SEO keywords
    • inbound 3
  2. Act
    • blog post with opt-in
    • inbound 4
  3. Convert
    • retargeted Facebook ad
    • outbound 3
  4. Engage
    • create informative content
    • inbound 5

Figure 4.9 RACE

  1. Plan: Define your goals and strategy.
  2. Reach: Grow your audience using paid, owned and earned media.
  3. Act: Prompt interactions, subscribers, and leads.
  4. Convert: Achieve sales online or offline.
  5. Engage: Encourage repeat business.

Re-automate: Continue to cycle through the stages.

Figure 5.18 Longtail Keywords and Conversion Rate

A graph showing search volume vs. conversion rate. In the upper left, the search “tomato plant,” with an average of 22,000 monthly searches, has a very high search volume and a very low conversion rate. “When to plant tomatoes,” with 3,600 monthly searches on average, falls more toward the middle of the graph. The long tail, where conversion rate is high and search volume is low, is formed by the search “why are my tomato plants turning yellow,” which has only 390 average monthly searches.

Figure 5.19 Facebook Ad Objectives

Awareness Consideration Conversion
Brand awareness Traffic Conversions
Reach Engagement Catalog sales
App installs
Video views
Lead generation

Figure 6.13 Content Calendar

week network time content type topic copy link
week 1 week 1: Monday, date xx/xx/xx
Facebook 07:00 New blog post silent video Are you optimizing your video for viewing without sound? You should be.
10:00 Curated content new features Infinite snaps, loops, and a magic eraser? Woah
12:00 Video music resources Don’t risk your video being removed or your account killed. Here’s the full list of free resources: (insert video file)
15:00 Promotion product launch Liftmetrix – Hotsuite impact – New name and offerings to help you measure and maximize ROI:
17:00 Live news news update A lot of social media updates happened this month. Let us know your reaction to these ones. (include CTA link)

Figure 7.10 Email Automation

Week 1: Send email. Possible actions and their consequences:

  • An Unsub triggers no further action.
  • A Non-Open may optionally trigger resending the email.
  • Open, Click, Subscribe moves on to Email 4 (loyalty).
  • Open, Click or Abandoned Subscribe will move on to Email 2.

Week 2: Email 2 (extra incentive)

  • An Unsub triggers no further action.
  • Open, Click, Subscribe moves on to Email 4 (loyalty).
  • Open, Click or Abandoned Subscribe will move on to Email 3 (extra incentive offer ending) and also receive Email 5 (survey).
  • Non Open may trigger telesales or a DM

Week 3: Email 3 (extra incentive offer ending)

  • Open, Click, Subscribe moves on to Email 4 (loyalty).


Figure 8.2 Funnel


  • new customer revenue: $5M
  • average sales price: $75,000
  • closed won contracts: 67
Inquiries and Web Visits Leads MQLs SQLs Opportunities Closed Won
Target 9550 9550 1910 382 191 67
Conversion Rate 10% 20% 20% 50% 35%

Figure 8.20 Landing Page Evaluation

Page Element Element Content Score
Headline “Ocean of data instantly becomes security intelligence” 0
Subhead Whitepaper download (“The next generation firewall is here”) 2
Hero shoot Photo of a man holding some paper which is partially obscured 1
Intro “WatchGuard XTM is the Next Generation Firewall of choice for businesses and enterprises alike, providing best-in-class network security at affordable prices” 0
Bullets “Blazing fast throughput”

“Best-in-class security solutions”

“Advanced networking features”

Form header “Download your whitepaper! Complete the required fields” 1
Form fields Country, province/state, phone number 0
Testimonial “I began using WatchGuard products more than eight years ago…” 0
Learn more “Learn more about WatchGuard Dimension” 0
Why “Best-in-class security”

“Easy-to-manage solutions”

“Take advantage of data for security”

Privacy statement “We will never sell your email to any 3rd party or send you nasty spam.” 0
Call to action Get my offer 0
Total 4

Figure 9.2 Value Chain

Activity Co-created value
Market search Online communities
Design and innovation Lead user innovation
Production User-generated content and funding
Marketing Seeding on blogs
Sales eWOM
Customer support User tech support

Table for Exercises in Chapters 4, 5, and 6

Stage of Journey
Awareness Active Evaluation Purchase Loyalty
Concrete actions
  • check local influencers
  • search on Google for information about working out
  • compare atmosphere and interiors of different gyms based on pictures
  • check online reviews
  • get more information about programs
  • check for promotions
  • go online and complete transaction
  • share referral code with friends
  • post pictures from workouts online
  • Instagram
  • Google search
  • Instagram
  • Google
  • Yelp
  • direct visits
  • coupon websites
  • direct visits
  • Facebook
  • Instagram




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