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The first version of OER by Discipline Resource Guide: Concordia University was adapted by Chloe Lei in the summer of 2020 with support from John Vatsis, Laura Lalonde, Dereje Taye, Ryan Cooper, et al., Concordia University Library.

Subsequently, the undergraduate workshop, Paying too much for textbooks? Open Educational Resources have a future through collaboration (first taught on March 8, 2022), offers students an opportunity to contribute to textbook-course mapping.

Concordia’s discipline guide book is an adaptation of the following two resources:

Changes made to the original resources include:

  • Structure of the guide was changed to reflect departments and courses at Concordia University
  • New resources were added to the guide
  • Some resources that are outdated or not suitable have been removed

This guide was developed as a part of the Open Educational Resources Program at Concordia University, Montreal. For more information, please contact oer@concordia.ca.


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OER by Discipline Resource Guide : Concordia University by Concordia University Library is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted.

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